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February 23, 2023

Chad Hype, viral video gone wrong


Man up, so we are sell plate, that's it. When you're caught with my plate, we're going to drive away.



But what many don't know is that he's a recording artist in his own right and the son of Flora Gone, Chad Hype.



All right. Now, honestly, I just want to say to all my fans, Chad Hype is not a violent person. I'm just in the car, a take care of some business and I see somebody walk up to the car. I just make a decision. We can't really take no check because the amount of things are going on the streets now. Being the son of Flora Gone and it's not easy.

Okay. When the Foxx on, my father is a multimillionaire in Jamaica. I have to be careful and watch where I go on. So me and the care chill. Somebody come up and tell me, say, Your government tell me to take off your license plate. Same time I see him take off the license plate and I screw it off with a screw driver. But to me, I'm still in the car, I can't really see where really I go on. So I jump out of the car and say, Yo, want to go on...What I do is my license plate? But I never really did it. I prayed at the front of the car and said, The license plate still left on the car. So same time now, I'm going to walk off now and we get in a defense mode because I'm looking and I see other people in my part, other people. So I wonder if they're going to try to set me up, if they're going to try to rob me. So same time now, I takeout a weapon and I say, Yo, what? I'm going to try to rob me. What's going on?

I room, he would walk off now and bumps the raster man. And I'd look over him, him water and thing on the raster man. I say, Yo, wait, wait, wait. He turns over my goods and things. And I say, Yo, what style? Or if you're here, take out my license plate. And when government say, You got to take off your license plate. And he start walk off. But I come from Sherlocking, I say, I don't know where I have the. I said, I have to make sure I know what I'm going to do. In that street, and the youth walk off of the plate and me I walk him down and I'm going to see me friend them come now. So I'm going to grab him now. He run off. So when I run off now, because I never put the part there in the video, you know what I mean? He run off now. So me run him down now because me a run him down to get my license plate. You understand what I'm saying? So I say, My kid you're going to move too fast. Some just give him a kick out of my yard and...

 Everything is okay. But you see now, with the world I got, people do things for you to get attention. Tiktok, YouTube. They're going too far with some of these things. People want to do the most to be seen. So I'm going to tell all the prankers then, you just be careful in Jamaica because Jamaica is a serious country and everybody run joke. They have some people where they're serious and it could be worse. Because they might do some serious pranking when you're in a bunker, say you're coming in the bunker, rob the bank, and the teller then push him out. So it's like him saying, I can't do this pranking thing and I'm never going to stop.


So I wonder the legality of this in Jamaica? Is it legal to go around doing that?


Well... Have you checked on that? No, I haven't checked on that, but I know about myself and I feel like what the type of pranks that he 'doing is very outrageous.

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